ground (uncountable)

  1. soil, earth.
    The worm crawls through the ground.
  2. The surface of the Earth
  3. terrain
  4. A soccer stadium
    Manchester United"s ground is known as Old Trafford
  5. (US) An electrical conductor connected to the ground.
    • The British equivalent is earth.
  6. (US) A level of electrical potential used as a zero reference.
  7. (cricket) The area of grass on which a match is played (a cricket field); the entire arena in which it is played; that part of the field behind a batsman"s popping crease where he can not be run out (hence to make one"s ground)

6 letters in word "ground": D G N O R U.

Anagrams of ground:

Words found within ground:

do dog don dong dor dour drug dug dun dung duo durn duro gnu go god gon gor gourd gu gun gur gurn no nod nog nor nu nur nurd od on or ord ou oud our ourn rod rong round rud rug run rund rung udo ug un undo ungod ur urd urn

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